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The Little Book of Misfortune Cookies

November 22, 2010

Looking for a book to wipe that smile off your face? Well, look no further! What better way to depress yourself than to see your worst nightmares foretold? Filled with illustrations in the classic stickman style, The Little Book of Misfortune Cookies is the book for you.

It is impossible to overhype this masterpiece.
I shall never outdo myself! My art shall forever be haunted by the magnificent illustrations for this book. Everything I have done before and everything I do after will pale in comparison. Your soul will weep with the beauty . . .
Okay, I’m done blatantly lying to you.

The Little Book of Misfortune Cookies at
Written by Josh Williamson, cover by Brina Williamson, illustrations by Anna Williamson.

Yes, that’s a rhinoceros sitting on that poor stickman.

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